Scottsdale Charros


The Story of The Scottsdale Charros

The Scottsdale Charros is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening our community by providing support and funding for youth programs, educational scholarships and grants to local charities.

The Scottsdale Charros organization has a long history of community service and close ties with major league baseball. Founded in March of 1961 as a special activity organization of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, the Charros were specifically created “to promote special events in the City of Scottsdale.”

Scottsdale Charros Information

In addition to the group’s involvement in spring training baseball, the Charros have partnered in the success of such notable events and programs as the PGA National Club Pro Championships, the Tradition Golf Tournament, the All-Arabian Horse Show, the Fiesta Bowl Marathon, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale events, and a variety of other projects. Earnings from these events and activities are donated to the community by the Charros, making the organization one of Scottsdale’s largest financial contributors.

The official name of the group “Charros” was selected in April of 1961 because it reflected Scottsdale’s heritage, tied in nicely with “The West’s Most Western Town” theme, and provided a classical, cross-cultural connection with horsemanship and ranching, past and present. The Charros’ official emblem, the “Screaming Pheasant,” is known throughout the Valley for its distinctive appearance and classical design.

Scottsdale Charros Organization - Scottsdale Charros Background

Known as “Scottsdale’s Goodwill Ambassadors,” the active membership of the Charros is made up of 40 civic and business leaders. Each member makes a commitment to serve the group and the community for at least seven years, volunteering more than 240 hours per year. After serving out their seven-year commitment, active Charros have the option to go “life.” “Life” members continue to remain involved in the group’s activities. Currently there are over 170 Life Grande and Honorary Charros.

For more information, please visit www.charros.com